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Enter to WIN A FREE RED VELVET BUNDT POUND CAKE FOR FEBRUARY 14 (with or without cream cheese glaze). Click CONTACT US tab above and send us an email with RED VELVET POUND CAKE CONTEST in the body of the email.  Please provide email so we can notify you.  (Your email will not be used for anything else but this contest)

The art of cake decorating is truly unique. Cake designers spend hours even days creating beautiful, delicious cakes only to have it eaten within minutes. The best compliment of all! We are dedicated to creating a delicious masterpiece for all your special occasions.    

Please note: All our cakes are baked fresh for each customer. We do not have cakes ready for purchase.    After hours inquiries please TEXT 770-654-9757

Maria Velasco, Cake Designer
Email: onceuponacake@yahoo.com

Feel free to call (9am-5pm)or text us between 9am-8pm.

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